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I’m the mum of two little girls, so I know what it’s like to have a baby waking in the night for feeding, soothing or cuddles – all you want is for everybody to go back to sleep as quickly as possible! ★ Is Babyglow for me?Yes, if you use your phone while you’re up at night with your baby. ★ What’s the theory?
There’s a lot of research on the negative effect of blue light on a person’s sleep. Generally speaking, phone and tablet screens give off a blue or white light, which is worse for sleep than red light would be: blue light is more stimulating for the brain. So if you’re using your phone or tablet when you’re up at night with your baby, the light could be stopping your baby from going back to sleep. Before giving up using your phone in the small hours, try Babyglow. Babyglow filters the light from your phone with a red tone to minimise sleep disruption, so you and your baby will be more likely to go back to sleep easily and quickly. Your baby should also find it easier to develop his or her body clock and learn how to sleep through the night (and wouldn’t that be nice!).★ How do I use it?
After you install Babyglow, you can choose whether to have the red filter ‘always on’, or set it to come on for a period that suits you and your baby’s routine. You can also simply activate Babyglow's red filter for an hour if that is what suits. Once you set your times and activate the schedule, your phone will automatically filter out blue light while Babyglow is on, so you can continue using your phone as usual without worrying about its effect on your baby’s sleep pattern.★ What is the ‘check baby’ function?
I know from my own little one that I also use my phone to check my baby, shining the light on her face. She looks sweet with a little frown and a scrunched up face, but waking her wasn’t the aim! The ‘check baby’ light from Babyglow lets you admire your baby to your heart’s content by casting a deep red glow that won’t disrupt his or her sleep pattern. It’s there as a widget too, so you can access the light quickly from your homescreen with no fuss.★ What is the ‘nightlight’ function?
I have also included a nightlight function, for when you just need a soft glow to see by but turning on the light would be too much like torture for everyone in the room. The nightlight is a light red too, to keep the blues away. It’s there as a widget as well, plus it stays on until you turn it off. ★ Why does it need permissions?
Like other apps, Babyglow needs your permission to do some actions on your phone, such as setting the brightness level and saving your schedule. We also need to be able to start when your phone starts, and to keep your screen awake when in ‘check baby’ or 'nightlight' mode.★ Why isn’t it free?
The last thing I want when I’m up in the night with my baby is to be bombarded with advertising. Unfortunately, this means I need to charge a once-off minimum purchase fee, to make Babyglow ad-free and keep your night as undisturbed as possible. No in-app purchases, no additional charges for upgrades or new features, no pop-ups, no pressure. Just see how Babyglow works for you and if you’d like to come back to Google Play after a few days and write a review it would be really helpful.From one parent to another, I wish you peaceful slumber.